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A Prince- Huh?

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"A Prince—Huh?" is a whimsical tapestry that captures a magical moment in a fairy glade. At its heart, a delicate fairy, with iridescent wings shimmering in the dappled light, perches gracefully atop a toadstool. Her gaze is fixed upon a large, regal frog seated before her, adorned with a tiny, yet majestic crown atop his head, hinting at the potential prince within. The scene is set in a lush, enchanted clearing, surrounded by a myriad of flowers and soft, glowing light, creating an aura of enchantment and possibility. The playful title, "A Prince—Huh?", and the fairy's expression of curiosity and wonder, invite viewers into this magical narrative, leaving them to ponder the outcome of this fairytale encounter. 34"x18" and 13"x18"