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Elemental Dragon - Fire

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The Fire Elemental Tapestry embodies the essence of elemental power, serving as a mystical conduit for mages seeking assistance in harnessing the formidable force of fire. Crafted with mesmerizing artistry, it depicts the fiery elemental spirit in all its blazing grandeur, its fierce countenance framed by swirling flames that dance with an otherworldly intensity. This tapestry not only serves as a stunning visual centerpiece but also holds a profound connection to the elemental realm, making it an essential tool for spellcasters looking to channel the elemental fire's energy in their magical endeavors. Hang it in your sacred space, and let its fiery presence ignite your magical ambitions with unparalleled fervor. 10" Pillow as well as 19"x19" and 14"x14" Wall Hangings.