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Elemental Dragon - Earth

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The Earth Elemental Dragon Tapestry is a magnificent tribute to the primordial power of the earth, serving as a beacon for mages seeking the strength of the land itself in their spells and rituals. This intricately designed tapestry showcases the majestic form of an earth elemental dragon, its rugged scales and stony visage mirroring the ancient solidity of the earth. The dragon's presence is further accentuated by intricate details, such as moss-covered rocks and winding roots, intertwining with its mighty form. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this Dragon serves as a conduit to the elemental realm, allowing mages to draw upon the earth's boundless strength in their magical endeavors. Hang it in your sacred space, and let the Earth Elemental Dragon guide your mystical journey with unwavering stability and unyielding resolve. 19" x19" and 14"x14" Wall Hanging.