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Elemental Dragon - Air

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The Air Elemental Dragon Tapestry is a breathtaking homage to the ethereal power of the winds, beckoning mages to invoke the elemental force of air in their spells and enchantments. Exquisitely crafted, this tapestry portrays the magnificent form of an air elemental dragon, its body gracefully composed of swirling breezes and wispy clouds. Its serpentine silhouette appears to undulate and float, embodying the boundless freedom and ever-changing nature of the wind. Beyond its visual splendor, this Dragon serves as a conduit to the elemental realm, enabling mages to tap into the limitless potential of air in their magical pursuits. Hang it in your sacred space, and let the Air Elemental Dragon guide your mystical journey with the grace and versatility of the wind itself, unlocking new horizons of enchantment. Available as a 19"x19" and 14"x14" wall hanging.